Aims and Values



IMG_0675* Recognising, respecting and valuing children’s individuality.

* Promoting and enhancing their individual natural skills and abilities and supporting their learning appropriately

* Providing Activities which enhance their individual social ,emotional and educational development.

* Creating an environment which promotes their Self Confidence and feelings of self worth

* Creating an environment where children can have fun, thrive, learn and enjoy their childhood in safety.

BY :-

· Providing a happy, safe, warm and stimulating environment that promotes children’s IMG_0582natural instincts to explore , learn and develop freely whilst giving adult support when necessary.

· Helping children to become confident ,independent and competent whilst learning to be cooperative and respectful to others and their environment

· Implementing Positive Behaviour Management Strategies to promote age appropriate behaviour and strategies to support children at all times.

· Promote positive relationship with parent/carers and work in partnership with them to provide high quality play and care for their children.

· Offer inclusive services that are available to all children in the community.

· Undergo regular monitoring and evaluation of our services to ensure that we meet the needs of children , parent and carers.