Food and Nutrition Policy

The four-week menus will be on display at all times and a copy is available to parents on request. We will seek advise from someone with knowledge, skills and understanding of children’s nutritional needs when planning menus and we will consult the guidelines outlined in the document ‘nutritional guidance for early years’. The weekly menu will provide children with a varied and healthy diet, and we will provide suitable foods for children with special dietary needs. These needs will be recorded and communicated to all staff; an allergy/parental request list is displayed in every room as well as in the kitchen.

We will provide; breakfast 8.-8.30am, am snack 10am (snacks are café style for over 2’s), two course lunch 11.30/12.00, pm snack 2pm, and tea 3.30/3.45pm. Café style snack is where the children have snack a few at a time and are given opportunities to practice independence with selecting, pouring, spreading and clearing away after themselves.

Diluted fresh fruit juice is available with breakfast. Milk or water will be available at other meal times and snack. Water will be available at all times. All dairy products used will be full fat, beef will be lean and low salt and sugar varieties will be used where available.

Staff will sit with the children while they eat and will provide a good role model for healthy eating. They will encourage the children to try new foods and we will continue exposure to new foods to increase acceptance. Children will be encouraged to develop good eating skills and appropriate help will be given. We encourage good table manners and the children will be allowed plenty time to finish their meal. A child who refuses their meal will be given a suitable alternative such as crackers or bread, cheese and fruit, unless we have received written instructions from the parents not to offer an alternative. Pudding will still be given. Children will be allowed seconds of fruit, bread or milk if still hungry. Parents will be advised if their child is not eating well. We will not withhold food as a form of punishment.

Children will have access to outside play (vitamin D) on a daily basis weather permitting. Parents are asked to provide suitable clothing and sunscreen.

Sweets and chocolates are not given to the children and we encourage the parents not to bring this into the nursery. The exception would be for the occasional special celebration, such as a birthday.

This policy will be reviewed annually, or sooner if new guidelines are published.