Jungle Room – The Jungle Gym


Our smallest room is “The Jungle Room” although we have nicknamed it “The Jungle Gym” due to the equipment that we have purchased for it.

The room is primarily used to give the children lots of physical fitness so if the weather is terrible or if children don’t want to go outside they still can get the exercise that they need. In addition to the climbing equipment the children also have access to other resources.

Jungle Gym Pictures


Jungle Gym Resources

  • Climbing Frame and Slide
  • Walking Machine
  • Exercise Bike
  • Treadmill
  • Jungle Rope Bridge
  • Tunnel
  • Dressing up Clothes
  • Dinosaurs and mud pit
  • Jigsaws and Puzzles
  • Writing and Drawing Pad
  • Construction Bricks
  • Weather Station
  • Growing Station
  • Miscellaneous Physical Resources




Jungle Gym Staff

The Jungle Room or Jungle Gym doesn’t have any fixed staff but all staff take it in turns to go in and play/supervise with the children.