School Leavers 2016 – Children’s Views

“Painting is my favourite thing as well as the playground. I love the people who look after me, especially Mary.”

“I love Mary! I Love my friends!, I love to dress up, I love stories. I don’t like washing my hands if I’m not going to stay for lunch.”

“Painting, playing with other children, learning new things, dancing. The least favourite is getting up in the morning” 🙂

Good – “Like playing Games”

Bad – “Not happy about not being able to run in nursery”

“I love dressing up and role play. I like arts and crafts”

“Very excited about going to school but am going to miss my friends at nursery”

“Likes playing with the babies best but likes making up my own role-play than being told what to do by other children.”

“My favourite thing at nursery is playing outside and the staff. I don’t like it when mummy takes me in.”